Fabiola Torralba: nos(otros)


nos(otros), is an installation-based collage of memories, stories and moments that explore the internal conditions of being a Mexican undocumented immigrant. Based on personal and first hand experiences gathered through ethnographic fieldwork, each piece of the installation depicts fragments of a larger narrative construct of migration.  Where narrative is a negotiation that wrestles with silence, fear, imagination, and wit we observe how immigrants survive, make sense of their conditions and depict themselves in light of their subordinate status.

The artist, Fabiola Torralba, uses installation for its disjunctured quality. She uses building materials, natural elements and found objects to demonstrate the balance between a tenuous circumstance and the remembrance of our native landscapes.  Like an altar, the installation becomes an improvisational site where meaning is physically constructed and personal autonomy reclaimed that simultaneously serves as prayer, offering, and contemplation.

nos(otros) ¡somos!, is a multimedia live collaborative performance which will present multiple facets of the immigration experience by first voices.Performers include Karen Becerril, Melissa Toscano Lazcano, Eleonor Maciel, Allis Ozornia, Horwath Productions and Domesticas Unidas.


Artist Biography
Fabiola Torralba is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, and activist.  After several years of community organizing and cultural work in San Antonio, two bachelor’s degrees, and some ethnographic fieldwork, she decides to professionally pursue the world of dance.  Fabiola then trained under Erica Wilson-Perkins at Palo Alto College receiving an Associates of Arts in Dance, the Urban Bush Women, the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, among many others, and has since collaborated independently with local artists, schools, and non-profit organizations on community dance projects.  She is a founding member of Erison Dancers, Ordinary Spaces, Movimiento Cihuatl and is an instructor for the City of San Antonio’s Parks and Recreation Dance Program.  Fabiola utilizes movement as a vehicle for community building, civic engagement, and social-cultural awareness.  Previous works include, En Rumbo, entre nos, Zapatos Viejos, This Bridge We Call…and XVoto.  Fabiola continues to explore various artistic mediums, interdisciplinary collaborations, and the intersections between art, story, and action.

Torralba, Fabiola. (2013). Nos(otros) [Installation].
San Antonio, Texas: Lady Base Gallery.




















OZORNIA, ALLIS. (2013) Ánimo Sola.
[nos(otros) ¡somos!, Lady Base Gallery, San Antonio. 27th July 2013]

This piece is dedicated to my mother: Olga Blaza Abrego Chavarria




TORRALBA, FABIOLA. (2013) Me Gusta Cuando Callas.
[nos(otros) ¡somos!, Lady Base Gallery, San Antonio. 27th July 2013]






HERRERA, ARACELI. (2013) De Chilanga A Mojado.
[nos(otros) ¡somos!, Lady Base Gallery, San Antonio. 27th July 2013]







TOSCANO LOZANO, MELISSA. (2013) Si Yo Viviera (If I Lived).
[nos(otros) ¡somos!, Lady Base Gallery, San Antonio. 27th July 2013]
An immigrant perspective from grandmother Estela Arroyo Hernandez, born in Perote, Veracruz.





[nos(otros) ¡somos! Lady Base Gallery, San Antonio. 27th July 2013]








Performer Bios

Karen Becerril
Karen Becerril acquired an Associate’s degree in Dance from Palo Alto in 2009 and a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Texas State this Spring, 2013. She has performed and danced with Alamotion, Explosión Latina, Image Dance, PAC Dance Performance Group, Robin School of Rhythms and Dance, Erison Dancers, and has collaborated with various local artists. She has studied different forms of dance such as modern dance, jazz, ballet, african, belly dance, and recently aerial dance. She is currently working as a video producer and web designer at Earth Studio.
Special thanks to all the people who made this performance possible, in particular to Fabiola Torralba, who invited me to be part of it.
Agradesco a todas las personas que hicieron posible esta presentación. En especial a Fabiola por haberme invitado a formar parte de ella.

Araceli Herrera
Soy de la ciudad de Mexico, he sido activista desde los 16 anos en mi pais. Llege a San Antonio en los 90’s. He sido trabajadora domestica por 23 anos. Empese a organizar a mis companeras cuando nos kitaron el bus. Luchamos por 3 anos hasta que nos lo regresaron! Forme el grupo de Domesticas Unidas, pertenesco a Mujerartes, apoyo los temas migratorios y medioambientalistas.

Melissa Toscano Lazcano
A native of Mexico City, Melissa Toscano Lazcano is a BA Communication Arts graduate from UIW. Traveling and photography became part of her life since childhood. Mentored by Guy Calaf, her work Teatro de Sordos (Theatre of the Deaf) was presented at Mexico’s Foundry Photojournalism Workshop. She is strong minded about health issues and co-produced Ventanas a la Salud (Windows to Health) programs for UIW’s parish station in Peru. Melissa’s goal is to continue in her Abue’s footsteps by helping the underserved.

Eleonor Maciel
Eleonor Maciel (Laredo, Durango) Actriz de Teatro y activista social Mexicana. Inicio con el grupo del Teatro Isauro Martínez de Torreón Coah. Realizo varios montajes y su primera gira nacional. A los dieciocho años decide emigrar a la Ciudad de México para ingresar a La Casa del Teatro y continuar sus estudios profesionales. Ha sido Colaboradora para Casas de Cultura y Festivales de Arte en su ciudad de origen y ciudades vecinas impartiendo talleres de Teatro y presentado trabajos unipersonales. Trabajó en diversos montajes en la Ciudad de México. En el 2007 Se integra al montaje “Cada quien su Frida”, en el cual se desempeña como Actriz, Asistente de Dirección y Producción, bajo la Dirección y Dramaturgia de Ofelia Medina. Celebrando un siglo del nacimiento de Frida Kahlo en su casa y museo. Tour en México y en el Teatro Nacional de Cuba en La Habana Cuba. En el Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro, Gran Teatro la Falla, Cádiz, España. En el Festival “Face of the World”, en el Teatro The New LATC, en Los Angeles, CA. Gira por Dinamarca y en el Teatro Odin, (Holstebro, Dk) en la cual fue Becada. Actualmente radica en la Ciudad de San Antonio Tx. Ha sido parte del festival “Luminaria” en los últimos dos años.

Quiero Agradecer a Nosotros, por compartirnos, compartir, ser cómplices, por dejarnos Ser…
Y que de Verdad encontremos Nuestra verdadera Libertad, Donde ahí no hay fronteras, ahí, adentro de uno, y lleguemos a Ser un Nosotros.
A mi Madre Leonor Maciel, por Guerrera.
(De principio a fin)… Dios

Allison Angela Ozornia
A lifetime divided by two countries: Allison Angela Ozornia is native to the Laredo, TX – Nuevo Laredo, Tamps Metro Area. Granted direct privilege with United States citizenship- young Allis was fortunate to have experienced a dual societal outlook from a very primitive age on both sides of the border. Currently she is a community health educator that operates a project called
Hojas de Servicio out of a local studio. This project offers massage/skin/liver therapy to the San Antonio elder and Queer/Trans People of Color community at sliding scale/donation rates.

Lady Base Gallery (Inside Gallista Gallery)
1913 S. Flores
San Antonio, Texas 78204

Thank you for supporting local artist.

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