Lady Base Gallery opens the first show with an exhibition called LADY WORKS.  LADY WORKS is a series of artist-curated exhibitions by Mas Rudas Collective.  Mas Rudas Collective selected to honor the work of three ladies that exhibit strengths within their communities: Chris Davila, Audrya Flores and Suzy Gonzalez. The content of the work was the decision of each individual artist.  If you are interested in visiting this exhibition and meeting the artists then please join us Sunday, March 24th from noon – 4pm.


Audrya Flores, Mother of Thousands, Acrylic/Paper/Plant/Mixed Media, 2013.

This self portrait, entitled Mother of Thousands is a reflection of a conflicted self-image after the birth of my son.  Complications during child labor prevented a natural delivery and left me with a wounded body and ego.  During my recovery, I found the ability to nurse my baby both healing and empowering.  Self-doubt has succumbed to instinct and the identity of “mother” has emerged. -Audrya Flores


Chris Davila, Wishes Lost In The Clouds, Wood/Metal/Fiber, 2013.

The works presented were created from a headboard that I originally constructed in early 2000 that was for my marital bed. Over the course of the 10 years of my marriage, I suffered four miscarriages. I felt my body betrayed me by rejecting one pregnancy after the other. I put a lot of pressure on myself, blamed and even hated my body. But what I learned is that unrealized dreams are not meant to be a heavy weight on our shoulders, nor constant reminders of what could have been. My unrealized dreams are simply, Wishes Lost in the Clouds. -Chris Davila


Suzy Gonzalez, Lolita Devoured (triptych), Oil on canvas, 2013.

My artwork serves as an exploration of identity regarding the multiple dimensions of human beings. I examine human traits through intersectionality, a theory that examines how categories such as race, gender, class, sexual orientation, and other descriptions of identity intermingle to contribute to social inequalities. With my new work, I take a step forward in realizing the inequalities of nonhuman animals as well. I relate the consumption of women and animals, as both are popularly sold for their bodies. Eating meat and objectifying women both provide pleasure for the modern day consumer. This pleasure is a result of the hierarchies of species and gender within our society.

By perceiving what various biological, social, and cultural categories in which we all fall into, I examine what it means to identify one’s self within these categories and to become aware of the privileges and oppressions that are attached to them. I seek to critique traditional painting in regard to the male gaze, as well as sexism and speciesism. I am particularly interested in what it is that binds or separates us from objects, animals, and even from each other.

-Suzy Gonzalez


This show sets the pace for the year ahead as an independent artist-run initiative for collaborating with artists interested in pursuing the discourse within their artistic practices. Lady Base Gallery would like to thank Chris Davila, Audrya Flores, Suzy Gonzalez and Mas Rudas Collective for their energy and collaboration. If anyone has any questions or comments please contact Lady Base at

Thank You-

Sarah Castillo



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